DCPS Calendar for School Year 2013-2014 

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2013-14 Pictorial Calendar English Version

2013-14 Pictorial Calendar Spanish Version

Thank you for your interest in the calendar for School Year 2013/2014. We appreciate the many teachers, principals and parents that provided feedback as we worked to develop our final calendar. We specifically wanted to note several changes to the Calendar. 

UPDATE: Given this school year's high number of snow days, DC Public Schools appealed to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education for a waiver to the 180 day minimum. The waiver was granted for the March 3rd and March 17th snow days and DC Public Schools will not be required to compensate for these missed school days. Barring additional missed school days, June 20th will be the last day of school for SY13/14 and will be a full instructional day.

  • Due to the testing window for DC CAS being scheduled by the Office of the State Superintendent for Education (OSSE) for March 31 - April 11, the professional development day that was originally scheduled for Friday, April 4 will instead be changed to an instructional day. Students and teachers will report to school on Friday, April 4.
  • UPDATE: Due to the AP Exam testing window, the professional development date of Friday, May 9 is now changed to Friday, May 2. Students and teachers should report to school on May 9. Students will not report to school on May 2. Teachers will report to school on May 2.
  • What did we change?
    -March 28th and June 19th were previously schedule as Records Days with an early release. These days are now full days with standard release at 3:15p.m.
    -Tuesday, June 2 is no longer a Parent/Teacher Conference Day. Students are expected to report to school on time for a full day of instruction.
    -Thursday, June 19 was previously scheduled as the last day of school. It is now a full day of instruction and/or testing.
    -Friday, June 20 is now the last day of school for SY 13/14. Students will attend a full day of school and be released at 3:15p.m.
    *Pending an agreement with the Washington Teachers' Union, June 23 is currently scheduled as a Professional Development Day.
    What happens if we have more inclement weather days?
    In the event of additional inclement weather days or unforeseen events, we have several options for making up time and are interested in hearing your suggestions. Please send your suggestions to kari.brandt@dc.gov.

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