Poems by Middle School Students in the DC Creative Writing Workshop 

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Original poetry from DCPS middle school students .

From One to Another

My father's eyes would define mine
like a silent voice yelling in your thoughts
indescribable thoughts

My prayers are as similar as my mom's gift to god.
Like the son of an unloving dad, praying 
for his dad to return

My thankfulness is what my dad and 
mom combine.
Like the sourness a lemon brings
but can return with sweetness and 
lusciousness of lemon aid.

Kirk Murphy

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

My Winter Experience

The days are being broken
Each one getting shorter
I hesitate to go outside
Below 30 degrees it is
I look on the faces of children
Outside freezing
Their faces are ivory
Just like the snow 
Coming inside to taste
The bittersweet tea
The warmth sends comfort
All through your bones

DarVel Suggs

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

My Name

In the morning, my name feels deadly
In the afternoon, my name feels real
Outside, my name feels loud
At the end of school, my name feels happy
The next day, my name feels good
Going to school, my name feels magic.

When my friends call me,
when I write my name,
it feels secret.
My name feels funny
when I make my friends laugh.
My name feels like music
When people say it.

Lamara Brooks

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6


Three red robins, one blue jay
flying down the street
As I see them fly
I see the trees, I see deer and wolves
I walk down the road and 
when I look up
I see the lions playing in the sky,
the rectangle-shaped casket
Of all my dead poems

Khalil Jones

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6

The Next Day of Fate

The day when I am alone in this world
When this day turns into ashes
It shatters into a globe of heaviness
To maintain these boundaries
Blooming breezes have to reappear in the sun of music
The numbness in my body is wild in a puddle
But my reflection is in the mirror and I watch it burn into flames
The shadows tell me a secret about the next day of fate
You know I don't listen to dust of gravity that turns into lightning

Stelita Better

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6

My Childhood

My life as a child
someplace where
unbelievable silence,
silence in the wild eye
rose with a heartbeat.

My eyes everlasting,
full of memories
drifting into beams of the moonlight,
whirling into
an ocean of

My eyes see
forgiveness, cried,
cried for strength.

And the vision of all
glittering memory
will not be forgiven.

Nakia Better

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

There Is No

There is no me
On this planet I call earth
I am vacant
Please don't avoid me
I am not full of emptiness

There is firmness
So why am I so firm?
There is no film
In this twisted camera.

There is no helmet,
So don't overlook the danger
Curling into a cascade
We called it me falling off a water cliff
I'm like someone
That's why there is no me.

Nakia Better

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

Making My Life

Thank you for making me laugh,
for kindness,
for making me exist,
for delightfulness in my life.

Thank you for our strangeness,
for crowns and clumsy animals,
for our writhing snakes.

Thank you for our unburied family members,
for our motionless people,
for our smashed ants,
for my brief message.

Kierra Parks

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6

I am

I am an energy drink
filled with tons
of sugar

I am a leech
sticking with you for
years and years
to come until you
cut me away

I am a stress bomb
mess with me long
enough and in flash
you would see
your life before you

I am a pencil
passed from hand to hand
until I am used up

I am time
never ending
or stopping
but moving forward
never able to go back

Diantra Landry

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

Swept Off the Ground

I am a twisted branch on a tree
waiting to become stronger,

a silent breeze
gazing through the night,

a math problem
that will never be solved.

I am a picture
waiting to be drawn,

a tear that is filled
up with sadness and despair,

a dead leaf
waiting to be swept off the ground.

I am a poem
that is filled with intelligence.

I am the air
that nobody sees.

Davon Ford

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

Better than Before

I am driving into a new year
But a stoplight is stopping me
I try to get out and run
and I feel the wind blowing through my hair
I finally catch up with my past
So I try to leave
But I can't get free
I realize that the only way I can get way from my past
Is if I fix up my future
Make it better than the year before
Be better, live better

Fonte Brown

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6

What a Poem Means to Me

A sorrowful glimpse of raging pain,
the thrashing pain of a broken-legged horse.

A shallow life, drowning alone, grasping for
air. Coldness creeping over pale skin, there is
sadness so deep it pulled me down
and happiness dying in a deep dark sea.

Kirk Murphy

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8


I am thankful for
the freedom to
frolic around
without a care
in the world.

My mind unscathed
by the worry
that has surrounded me,
instead of succumbing
to the thrashing
emotion that seems
to pollute everything else.

Instead I embrace it
and use it as a strength
I refuse to become a cowardly
thing of worry.
With that as my new light
in the dark,
I move forward
and show everyone
that worry is just
an emotion.

Shawntay Kent

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

The World Beyond

Jumping green mountains
going through a blue creek
Pink hearts in the middle of a black-eyed Susan
in the middle of a river
A black deer playing
in the middle of a frog's pond
A ruby in the shape of a cone
on the tip of a tulip
Moving sunflowers
in the middle of a green valley by a mansion
My house in a bubble, the shape of a rectangle
moving toward the world beyond

Kamisha Mason

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6


A promise to tomorrow:
To sleep and wake up
on a hot embrace
from the scorching fire
And when we spring,
tomorrow we fall,
and summer's brilliance
can be winter's call.

Khalil Jones

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 6

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